Shaping our action space: A situated perspective on self-control


As part of our research project, we have launched ULTIMA (Utrecht Lectures on Topics In Mind and Action). This is a series of monthly lectures that will host some of the most important researchers in the philosophy of mind, the cognitive sciences, and the philosophy of action.

Our first upcoming talk will be:

Cognitive Injustice

Speaker: Gloria Andrada (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)


Can unfair cultural environments harm human cognition? We argue that they can, and in a way that has been overlooked, giving rise to what we call cognitive injustice. We propose that cognitive injustice happens when the development of an agent’s cognitive abilities is negatively affected by their social and material (collectively the cultural) environment. In other words, what is at stake is the very formation of an agent’s cognitive abilities. In this work, we provide an argument for cognitive injustice, we address some possible objections to such an argument, and we consider prospects for development.

This work was co-authored work with Richard Menary (Macquarie University)

When: Thursday, November 30, 2023  (15.30 to 17.00)

Where: Janskerkhof 13 (Room 0.06), Utrecht. Attendance is free but space is limited. Please, to attend send an e-mail to

*Online: This is a hybrid event. To attend online, please send an e-mail to


Other upcoming talks: