Shaping our action space: A situated perspective on self-control

Masterclass by Glenda Satne

Glenda Satne will be discussing her paper “Practical knowledge and shared agency: Pluralizing the Anscombean view” with our RMA students and staff members.

When: April 30th, 2021.

Where: This is an online event. If you are interested, please sign up by sending me an e-mail to so we can make sure you receive the Teams/Zoom link.

Abstract of the paper: For Anscombe, a solitary activity is intentional if the agent has self-knowledge of what she is doing. Analogously one might think that to partake in shared intentional activities is for the agents involved to have plural or collective self-knowledge of what they are doing together. I call this ‘the Plural Practical Knowledge Thesis’ (PPK). While some authors have advanced related theses about the nature of the knowledge involved in shared practical activities, this alternative remains relatively underexplored in the current literature. The paper offers an account of plural practical knowledge based on the idea that shared activities of the relevant sort share a normative structure given by practical, means-end structures and proposes a paradigmatic methodology that generalizes this account to understand what different cases of collective intentional action have in common. It then discusses the differences between the proposed approach and those due to Schmid and Frederick Stoutland, and the reasons why it should be preferred.