Shaping our action space: A situated perspective on self-control

Masterclass by Kristin Andrews

Kristin Andrews will be discussing her paper “Animal culture and animal welfare”, co-authored with Simon Fitzpatrick, with our RMA students and staff members.


When: April 12th, 2022.

Where: Drift 21, Room 108.

Abstract of the paper: Following recent arguments that cultural practices in wild animal populations have important conservation implications, we argue that recognizing captive animals as cultural has important welfare implications. Having a culture is of deep importance for cultural animals, wherever they live. Without understanding the cultural capacities of captive animals, we will be left with a deeply impoverished view of what they need to flourish. Best practices for welfare should therefore require concern for animals’ cultural needs, but the relationship between culture and welfare is also extremely complex, requiring us to rethink standard assumptions about what constitutes and contributes to welfare.